Monday, June 13, 2011

Creative Watermedia Recap

Student Work in Acrylic
Sanding our map collage project
Inking up the Gelatin Plate for printing
Adding Acryic with squeeze bottle and metal tip

Collage In Progress with painted Masa and rice papers

 Last week I taught a five day intensive class which explored working with watercolour, gouache, acrylic, and different varieties of ink. 
We worked on a wide variety of surfaces such as Cotton Watercolour Paper, Yupo, Terra-Skin, and Canvas primed with Absorbent ground medium. In the middle of the week we spent the whole day making prints with stencils and gelatin plates,[ read more about gelatin plate printing in this post.]
Maybe a little too much information for five days! Next year I think I will split the acrylic and watercolour parts into two weeks.
If you are interested in the Gelatin Plate Printing you can take Painterly Printmaking at Island Blue on Sunday June 26th   from 10-4. To read more about that workshop click here

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