Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Spring Class

Starting April 14th
 Creative Acrylics -8 sessions at Island Blue Art Centre Thursdays 9:30 to Noon
It is sometimes disappointing when classes and workshops are canceled but never much of a surprise in the Spring. People start working in their gardens and doing more outdoor activities and who can blame them? I myself have enjoying the time to do just that, and devote time to painting and my long neglected Etsy shop.
Its a rare treat for me to have only one class on the go and I am looking forward to actually having the time to develop and finish my demonstration paintings and putting all my focus on one group of students.
In this session we will be working with various methods of layering and working with texture.  I have a mix of beginners and seasoned painters in the class so far so there will be opportunity to learn all about acrylics with step by step projects or you can work at your own pace on your own paintings,[with as much or as little feedback from me that you need.]
Read the detailed class description here

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