Monday, September 13, 2010

Classes and Tutorials

In addition to posting my upcoming classes and workshops I would also like to post periodic reviews of recent classes and tutorials. Unfortunately I have a dead laptop right now and as my desktop computer has been refusing to have pictures uploaded to it for awhile now....that will have to wait. This computer also picked up some kind of weird virus that seems to redirect us randomly to strange websites, and we cant seem to get rid of it. Ah technology! I both love and hate it. We should be picking up a new laptop sometime this week, so stay tuned!
If you were in my colour class Monday morning and came here looking for a review of the class, I dont have one but I can tell you the colours I used to make the greens were:
Nickel Azo Yellow, Phthalo Blue [Green Shade] and Hansa Yellow Lemon. The red I used to mute the green and darken it was Napthol Red Light.
I will post the leaf painting I started today when I finish it, [hopefully by then I will be up and running with a new computer]

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