Thursday, March 8, 2007

Starting In April

Eight Week Classes At Island Blue Art Centre
Creative Acrylics
Starting April 3rd and ending May 22nd [Tuesdays 9:30-noon]
My usual explorations of creative painting techniques. I have quite a few repeat students in this one so I will try to present interesting and informative lessons while helping them find their own style and creative path
Further Steps In Watercolor
This one starts on Wednesday April 4th [9:30-noon] and goes until the 24th of May
On the first day I am going to ask the students to give me a wish list of lessons they would like me to do and I will create the lesson plan from that.
Absolute Beginner Art
This one is actually taught primarily by Andrea Soos but I will be helping out for two or three classes. This is a great one if you always wanted to do some form of art but didnt know where to start.
Contact Island Blue website [see link to the right] to register or read more detailed descriptions of the classes.

Childrens Classes
At the Victoria Art Gallery [link to the right to website]
Drawing and Cartooning
Ages 8-9 This one starts April 14th 10:30 am -11:45 am Saturdays for 10 sessions

I am not teaching at the Vancouver Island School Of Art until the Summer but their Spring and Summer session is online and really worth a look. They have some great classes and instructors, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to learn more about the art making process. This is a real art school, you can earn credits to a certificate or diploma, but unlike some of the other art schools, this one is really welcoming and comfortable to the average beginner. Check out the link on this blog to their website.

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